With oversight of all your marketing efforts, you are afforded a more comprehensive analysis of your outward-facing activities. This includes continuous observation of your market presence across multiple channels including PR and Social Media, coupled with timely recommendations and adjustments to your strategy based on timely data.

In addition, I can engage your 3rd-party vendors who are already involved with your business and bring together more unified communications channel reporting under one umbrella. I take a look at your historical data and create logical forecasts that trend alongside your new marketing strategy. This will help you understand where we are affecting positive change and how costs are being impacted.

Let me help you take better control of your future, leveraging insights, experience, and creative expertise.

Management ServicesComprehensive Oversight:
• Consolidation of marketing efforts
• Data review and comparison (Integrated Marketing)
• Detailed spend reports
• Periodic business review sessions
• Social media strategy and spend audit
• Management of common I.T. hosting assets
• Brand and styling guide development
• CRM Management
• Interaction with existing PR resources