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Collection of digital worksCreativeDetailer is a consultative, design, and marketing services company that can successfully navigate all the ins and outs of traditional, digital, and integrated marketing, as well as provide essential creative services for your business or project. Founded by David Austin, Communications Consultant & Multi-media Designer and web developer, we guide you and your business through a more practical, purposeful, and scalable marketing approach from a single point of contact, thus saving time and costs.

Based in Torrance, California, we can help you achieve your goals by demonstrating that we know your business better than anyone else then articulate that value with improved customer-facing messaging, on-site video production, photography, and SEO. We do that by evaluating your model, messaging, and your competition to determine where any shortfalls or opportunities exist. With more than 18 years of creative design and marketing experience, we are ready to help you make it happen.

Communications Development including Data Analytics and Marketing Strategy
Content Development and Copywriting including Research and Technical Writing
Graphic Design including Adobe CC Apps Ps, Ai, Id, Pr, Ae, Ic, Dw, and Maxon Cinema 4D
Visual and Photographic Production including DSLR, 3CC, Lighting, Sound, and Music
Media Development including Sales, Marketing, Training, Collateral, Forms, and EDU

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Access to True Multi-media
From a single source and point of contact, CreativeDetailer provides design services from print...
Specialties in Health Care, Technology, EDU, B2B, and Direct Marketing B2C
Universal Skills and Deliverables - All Industries • Marketing Management • Campaign Management an
Single-source Marketing Management
We can oversee all your marketing outreach and provide a more comprehensive analysis of your outward...

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