Is your marketing messaging failing?The next largest marketing segment is already tuning you out! That’s not something you may want to hear. It’s time to get creative!

While traditional efforts have all but dwindled away, Millennials and Gen Zs are selectively determine which brands, companies, and products align best with their values.

So while your message may need a refresh, you may also need to consider an alternative approach. Your message drives the impression you are creating with your audiences. Change your message and you change the perception. How do you get there? You need data, which is best attained utilizing inputs from a variety of sources.

Integrated marketing strategies allow for a greater, more robust set of data, sourcing that allows for improved understanding of communications strategies. These efforts must not be deployed then forgotten, but rather assessed through a more comparative analysis. Integrated marketing implies an approach that leverages multiple marketing mediums into a more effective communications strategy. Understanding that “communicating with consumers and other businesses requires more than creating attractive advertisements” (Chow & Baack, 2018), integrated marketing involves the use of a cohesive plan or program, one that “integrates all marketing activities” (p. 5).

The intent and value of integrated marketing are to bring success to the brand through combined communications efforts, such as with traditional, social, and other digital activities. Efficiencies are thereby gained through the management of several functions and their feedback. These include unification of messaging strategy among channels, simplification of timed events, audience consolidation, attainment of valuable insights, and in the exploitation of the overall impact into a more comprehensive plan (Chow & Baack, 2018). The result for the organization is that “target audiences hear the same message,” while campaign components are, “driven by a single strategy that guides the creative development process,” which “maximizes a customer’s journey from awareness to purchase” (pp. 11-12).

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