Conversion-driven Integrated Marketing - CreativeDetailer.comIntegrated marketing implies an approach that leverages multiple marketing mediums into a more effective communications strategy.

Understanding that communicating with consumers and partners requires more than attractive advertisements, integrated marketing involves the use of a cohesive plan or program, that brings together all marketing activities.

It requires the unification of marketing communications resources, tools, data, and channels of your company into a seamless program, which is designed to maximize the engagement and impact of your customers as well as for stakeholders.

So yes, there is some work involved. However, because it involves all aspects of a businesses’ marketing channels as well as inward- and outward-facing communications, its value lies in the application of a strategy, where marketing communications and components are coordinated, thereby achieving harmony in your messages and consumer promotions.

OK. I get it, sort of. 

In summary, integrated marketing brings the unification of methods to a singular focus to exploit efficiencies. Businesses that leverage integrated marketing practices are mindful of the various sources and mediums of today, such as social media and blogs, to reach a higher level of engagement with measurable gains.

Analyze this, analyze that

Analyze This - Data Analytics for Integrated MarketingFor example, renewed messaging has implications for your landing page and YouTube—links to videos that demonstrate your product or the values of your service—while Facebook engagement indicates that your post content shows improved traffic through analytics, thus improving conversions on your website. The sum of the data helps to guide messaging strategy and improved optimization of your site and messages, which is helping grow your followers. Moreover, the emails you are blasting endlessly that are driving users to Facebook reveals fewer click-throughs, which helps to validate A/B tests, splitting of traffic or leveraging alternate messages to gain insights for future strategy and social media content. All of this generates information for the benefit of integrated marketing and analysis of your campaigns.

I’m Old-school. Who cares?

So, as more traditional advertising continues to shift to digital, accountability for those investments is still paramount. But unlike traditional marketing, your company should be seeking to create experiences with your brand rather than just selling. By foregoing the strategy of emotional attachment, which is why an integrated approach is essential, your company may be missing a critical opportunity—elevating your brand through synergies using a multitude of ways and devices.  And yes, you can leverage integrated marketing strategies for circulars, printed coupons, direct mail, and even freeway onramp signs.

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