Marketing Strategy

CreativeDetailer is a consultative design and marketing service organization that can successfully navigate all the ins and outs of marketing, design and production based on what really works and not all the "#1 on Google" hype that you are hearing. By first understanding what not to do, we save you money. By also avoiding unfounded strategies that result in flat gains, we help you reach your goals faster. Simply put, we guide you and your business through a more practical, purposeful and scalable marketing approach.

CreativeDetailer can help you achieve your goals by demonstrating that we know your business better than anyone else. We do that by evaluating your current business model to determine where any shortfalls or opportunities exist—not just in marketing but in ways to improve your business process, customer flow and reduce costs. Next, we avoid activities that could create a burden anywhere within your day-to-day operation.

With more than 10 years of creative design marketing consultation experience, we are ready to help you make it happen.

Our core approach includes:

  • Free consultation and assessment
  • In-depth understanding of your business or practice
  • Education of marketing tactics and myths
  • Focus on practical application and cost management
  • Development of plan and supplemental process
  • Execution of strategy and long-term refinement

Design and Production

CreativeDetailer provides design services from print to web and everything in between. We can develop your brand strategy and update your existing look & feel, while ensuring a strong sense of identity continuum and what's next. Our digital mockups and prototypes ensure your finished product exceeds your requirements and allows you to grow your business through a thoughtful, well-strategized marketing approach.

We can facilitate an onsite evaluation of your business (Southern California), your marketing materials, consumables, and survey your competitive market as part of a comprehensive approach to design and media production. This ensures your new deliverables are in sync with your business profile and brand, while incorporating your business assets, persona, voice and staff, where appropriate. Onsite services include photography and video production.

Creative Development:

Management Services

CreativeDetailer can oversee all your marketing spend and provide a more comprehensive analysis of your outward facing activities. This includes continuous observation of your market presence across multiple platforms including PR and Social, coupled with timely recommendations and adjustments to your strategy based on factual data. We can engage your 3rd-party vendors who are already involved with your business and bring together more unified communications channel reporting under one umbrella.

We can begin to take a look at your historical data and create logical forecasts that trend alongside your mew marketing strategy. This will help you understand where we are affecting positive change and how costs are being impacted. Let us help you take better control of your future leveraging insight, experience and creative expertise.

Comprehensive Oversight:

  • Consolidation of marketing efforts
  • Data review and comparison
  • Detailed spend reports
  • Periodic business review sessions
  • Management of common I.T. hosting assets
  • Brand and styling guidelines
  • Interaction with existing PR resources



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